March 2023


No, this is not an April fool’s joke. As of April 01, 2023, Conwed has partnered with Carnegie to become a Xorel Artform distributor!

Available in 21 shapes, and over 350 textile patterns, textures, and colors, your design opportunities with Xorel Artform are limited only by your imagination.

Contact your rep today and start designing. 4.0

We rebuilt the site around one central idea: be easier to understand. That begins with how you find and learn about our products. If you visit our main product page now, instead of a filter and search page, you’ll find our main products broken into four core categories—Baffle, Panels, Tiles, and Clouds. Our other products have been condensed into one category, Specialized.

Our Core Products

Baffles  +  Panels +  Tiles + Clouds

Our Specialized Products

Omniplane Diffusers + Loaded Vinyl +
Low Frequency Tuners + Reflective Clouds +
Reflective Wall Panels + Diffusers

Why reorganize?

We wanted to present products in these categories to work around insider terminology. If a new customer were to visit our old site looking for a painted panel, they wouldn’t know to look for “New Dimensions”. Just about everyone knows what panels are though.

Once on a product page, you can sort it’s attributes by finish type. Between those tabs, you’ll find information related to that specific combination of product and finish. Now that same new customer doesn’t need to know anything specific about Conwed to find what they’re looking for. They can simply navigate to panels paint.

You’ll notice on painted product tabs, a bit of info saying “products can be left unpainted upon request to be finished in the field”. Rather than making the old Foundations name its own product category, we’ve simply combined into the painted product tabs.

This is due to a common confusion we’ve encountered with end users assuming that Foundations was a completely finished product, rather than its real purpose, to be finished with paint in the field.

Across all finish tabs on all products, you’ll see more reference to the name of the finish, rather than old naming schemes to help customers better understand what we offer. On product pages and datasheets though, you’ll still find those names.

So if a spec comes our way with “New Dimensions Skyway Ceiling”, don’t worry, we know that’s a “Painted Cloud”.

Other important updates in 4.0


The resources page has also been updated to match this new product flow! Now called the Documents page, you’ll find specific data and spec sheets MUCH easier by first looking for the product, then the applicable finish. Additionally, you’ll find a link to download all documents at once, to more easily update large document libraries.

Data & Spec Sheets

You’ll find that data and specsheets have been updated to reflect the new naming conventions, while still keeping the old. The more important update is the layout of information. Previous datasheets were a bit cluttered, the new layout manages to retain all the same information while being easier to read and understand.

The Mounting Page

The Mounting page is an entirely new addition to the site! It was created to help people visualize mounting options and easily find options that are compatible with their projects. You can sort by applicable products, see multiple images of each, and read about what each option is and is not well-suited for.

Updated Finish Pages

Each finish type now has an updated page showcasing uses and options available, as well as pertinent information and inspirational images for designers browsing our site. Expect more content catering to the designer community here in the future.

Plans for 4.1

4.0 is here but 4.1 is on its way! Over the next year you’ll see more additions to browse, such as

  • Dedicated content pages
  • Acoustical education, new products
  • Rebuilt blogs

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