January 2024

The new Conwed Catalog Series is here!
Once the latest versions of our site and documents were live, it only made sense to give the catalog a fresh look as well.
Lookbook 01

The beginning of a new sub-series. A few times a year we will release another edition that features more photos, unique installations, of plenty of project inspiration.
If you know you need an acoustic solution but can’t quite imagine the possibilities, this is the place to start.

Core Products Catalog

Every bit of info you could ever need when referencing a specific product, or general information about how we make those products.  If you know you want a baffle, for example, but aren’t sure how to customize it, this will guide you to the finish line.

Specialized Products Catalog

The perfect follow up. All the specifics and options that come with specialized products only. Not every job requires diffusion, reflecting, or blocking, but when they do, this is the book to consult.