We updated the names of our products recently to help customers who aren’t familiar with us. Nothing is gone, just reorganized! 

Core products

Direct Attach Wall Panel ▶ Wall Panel

Direct Attached Ceiling Panel ▶ Ceiling Panel

Skyway Ceiling Cloud ▶ Cloud

Solid Core Baffle* ▶ Baffle

Back-to-Back Baffle* ▶ Baffle

*Both baffles are made the same, only difference being the finish.


Respond A | IR | HI ▶ Fabric A | IR | HI

Metro Rebound ▶ Copolymer

Acoustic Art ▶ Print

New Dimensions ▶ Paint

Foundations ▶ Unpainted

Foundations products were always the exact same as New Dimensions, just without paint applied in the factory.


→ Diffusers

→ Reflective Wall Panels

→ Reflective Clouds

→ Omniplane Diffusers

→ Low Frequency Tuners

→ Loaded Vinyl Panels