Ceilings That Reach New Heights

Our custom ceiling systems consider all of your needs: acoustics, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. With computerized, industry-leading design precision, we can transform any space to your new vision. Conwed Designscape offers sound baffles, acoustic ceiling panels, wall panels, and more.

No-Hassle Building Maintenance. Conwed Designscape offers an effective mounting system that offers fast and easy pull-down access to the space above the ceiling.

Respond A Series

Respond® A Series (A100/A200/A300/A400) panels are economical, all-purpose acoustical wall and ceiling panel designed for use where sound absorption and value are the main criteria. The series is suitable for auditoriums, theatres, offices and libraries – anywhere noise control is needed and critical lighting and high abuse resistance are not factors.

Respond IR Series

IR Series (IR108/IR308/IR408) panels are designed for high-traffic areas requiring impact-resistant tackable surfaces with excellent acoustical absorption. Examples include corridors, lobbies, hallways and similar areas.

Access Ceiling Systems

The Access Ceiling System is intended for commercial interiors that require a monolithic appearance, excellent acoustics and fast, easy access to the plenum area.

New Dimensions

New Dimensions acoustical panels are used in areas that require excellent acoustical absorption and a “drywall” look. Typical applications include corridors, lobbies, hallways and similar areas.


Foundations acoustical panels are designed for areas that require excellent acoustical absorption with a “soft drywall” look. They are often used in corridors, lobbies, hallways and similar areas. The panels can be painted up to three times (spray application) without losing acoustical absorption.


Gridlock ceiling panels are used where the design intent is to hide or minimize the appearance of the ceiling grid. It creates a more uniform look than the traditional grid and tile ceiling. Gridlock ceilings are also designed for quick and easy lift-and-shift removal.

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