Our core products

Working with reverberation and echo is not always a simple process. But four products have become pillars in the industry. Baffles, Panels, Tiles, and Clouds alone can reliably be used to address noise issues in nearly any space, configuration, and style.


Panels in three weeks

Easily order, receive, and install reliable acoustic solutions with StreamLine. Panels and clouds are available with two thicknesses, five FR701 colorways, and optional  mounting upgrades. Simply call your local rep to order today!


Available in 21 shapes, and over 350 textile patterns, textures, and colors, your design opportunities with Xorel Artform are limited only by your imagination. Xorel is a woven polyethylene with strength at its core, it achieves high durability and ease of maintenance without added coatings or finishes.

This ceiling and wall system can be made into a seamless white surface, or formed into the curving centerpiece of your space, draped in designer fabrics. Combined with our high-performance acoustic cores, and simple construction, this unique acoustic stretch fabric system gives you the tools to design an acoustic system yourself without demanding a high budget.

Access Ceiling

This ceiling system offers a clean, uniform look using a hidden suspension system, with easily accessible hinged panels. Keep networking cables tucked away, suppression systems easily accessible, and mechanical equipment at the ready, while bringing your space to a hush.


Conwed’s Specialized products do more, or even the opposite, of traditional noise-absorbing products. Reflect, diffuse, block, and balance sound in any environment or application with these customizable and highly specialized solutions.

Omniplane DiffuserXXX
Loaded VinylXX
Low Frequency TunerX
Reflective CloudsXX
Reflective Wall PanelXX