About our products

Our acoustic solutions have been implemented in prominent facilities throughout the country, with our innovative products and solutions continuing to attract and maintain satisfied customers. With our long history of providing acoustic solutions for large and complex projects, Conwed Designscape has built a strong reputation as an industry leader in custom designed acoustics for large venues across the nation. Learn how our vast manufacturing capabilities and expertise in acoustical solutions will help solve specific acoustic, aesthetic, and architectural challenges.


Each of our acoustic ceiling solutions guarantees easy maintenance with effective mounting systems that offer access to space above the ceiling. Acoustic ceiling solutions include the Respond A Series, with economical panels for auditoriums, libraries and more, and the Respond IR Series that targets high traffic areas to diminish excessive noise while providing an impact-resistant surface. For a commercial interior with a monolithic aesthetic, the Access Ceiling System is ideal. The New Dimensions acoustic ceiling model can diminish sound with a clean “drywall” appearance, while the Foundations acoustic panels can be painted up to three times.


Choose from a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics for the appearance you’re looking for in acoustic wall solutions. Conwed Designscape provides an array of wall finishes, mounting options, and edge treatment for each of our wall selections, which include Respond A SeriesRespond IR Series, and Respond TK/AC Series. All offer excellent acoustical absorption and are lightweight. For those seeking a drywall aesthetic in a wall finish, look to our outstanding Foundations and New Dimensions series. In addition, our Rebound series is perfect for high traffic areas or those subject to impact, as they are designed for exceptional durability.


Clouds provide customers a truly unique solution to acoustic management, helping define your space with absorptive, translucent, and reflective options. Our cloud panels are simple to install and highly customizable to your performance needs. Our Skyway™ Ceiling Clouds can serve as single or double panel accents, while our Respond Curved Reflective Ceiling Clouds work well for spaces seeking a stronger design element and acoustical reflection. For performance spaces like theaters and auditoriums, our flat Reflector Ceiling Clouds are tunable to offer optimal quality in sound.

Eurospan Stretch Systems

The unique Eurospan Stretch System offers customers a departure from traditional covered acoustic panels, instead providing a unified, seamless solution that flexibly fits on walls or ceilings. This monolithic option integrates well with the existing design of a space while offering high performance acoustical solutions. All of our systems are equipped to dampen interior noise and add acoustical benefits, and are particularly well-suited to commercial and educational spaces. Of note, our Translucence System offers the additional translucent fabric membrane feature to create a distinct atmosphere when placed over artificial or ambient lighting.

Specialty Products

No space is too challenging for Conwed Designscape. With our array of custom-designed specialty products, we’re equipped to service almost any facility. Specialty products include our Urban Forest panels with faux wood finish, which are great for high abuse areas that require cleaning. For critical listening environments, our Omni Plane Diffuser and Low Frequency Tuner panels provide exceptional balanced absorption, while our Loaded Vinyl panels are specifically designed for private speech spaces like offices or patient consultant areas. Explore to learn more about all of our specialty products.


Looking to maintain the pleasing open aesthetic of a gymnasium, hallway, or auditorium? Our Baffles acoustic solution maintains the appearance of high, open ceilings while managing noise reduction, reverberation, and enhancing speech intelligibility. Baffles are also highly customizable and can be matched to our wall panel finishes. The fold-up, back- to- back features of our current Baffles model makes this acoustic solution exceptionally flexible.


Our Conwed Designscape diffusers are specifically engineered to manage the behavior and enhance the quality of music in your performance facility with abilities to absorb, reflect, or diffuse. Highly customizable, diffusers present customers with an array of aesthetic options including our Barrel & Pyramidal models that blend seamlessly into your space.

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