July 2023

Cliff Langdon | President

Five long and winding years ago a couple of guys in Maumee made the decision to buy Conwed from Owens Corning and went from being a manufacturing site to a full-service acoustic solution organization; capable of helping specify, design, support, and build for the industry’s best projects and buildings.

It wasn’t always pretty, but I’m proud that our team evolved and learned how to help the best independent sales rep network, contractors, and architects in the industry with their projects, from the standard to the sublime. Their fingerprints (poor choice of words) are on the walls and ceilings of schools, churches, offices, conference rooms, and theaters throughout North America and across the oceans. Those fingerprints make the work and entertainment conducted in those spaces more productive and enjoyable to everyone who enters them. To steal a phrase, we don’t make the buildings, we make the buildings better.

Over the last five years, there have been key decisions that got us to where we are today. Deciding to add new CNC equipment, investing in upgraded adhesive equipment and materials, getting into (and out of) wood wool, adding production capacity, and building a team that excels at the technical aspects of our industry, have all helped build a framework that didn’t exist when Owens Corning jumped out of the moving car that we leapt into.

What does the future look like? I can only tell you what I know. Our commitment is to continue to evolve; becoming a better supplier, manufacturer, specifier, and partner than we are today. We will build better products and provide better services that support spaces built across the globe. Our goal is not to become as good as we were in the “before times.” Our goal is to simply be great, and we will continue that journey in the next five years, just like we have in the first five.