Conwed Designscape | Wall Technology acquired from Owens Corning

MAUMEE, OH, August 3, 2018 – CDC Fab Co. today announced the finalization of its purchase of Conwed Designscape | Wall Technology, the industry leader in custom-designed acoustic solutions, from Owens Corning. With the acquisition, CDC Fab will now operate under the Conwed Designscape name.

For the past two years, CDC Fab has been the primary contract manufacturer for the Conwed Designscape | Wall Technology product lines. Business partners Fred Calero and Kraig Mackett launched CDC Fab in 2016 after Owens Corning closed its Ladysmith, Wisconsin manufacturing facility and began using a third-party sourcing network to make its acoustic ceilings and wall panels.

At that time, CDC Fab purchased all the manufacturing equipment from the Owens Corning Ladysmith facility and set up operations in Maumee, Ohio. CDC Fab has worked directly with Owens Corning and Conwed Designscape | Wall Technology customers for two years and has a strong understanding of the commercial acoustics industry, making it a natural fit to acquire the business.

“This acquisition brings the manufacturing and market-facing functions of the business back under the same roof,” said Fred Calero, who will take on the role of Conwed Designscape CEO. “Ultimately this is what’s best for our customers and the performance of the business. We’re very excited about the future of the new Conwed.”

The business will now operate exclusively under the Conwed Designscape name but will still manufacture all the existing products that were offered by Conwed Designscape | Wall Technology, including New Dimensions, Metro Rebound, and Eurospan® Stretch Systems, among others.