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Our stretch system offers an acoustically transparent fabric solution for designers seeking a modern appearance in their ceilings and walls. Behind the fabric, 1 to 2 inches of fiberglass core panels give sound clarity to every conversation.

Respond® IR

Large rooms may seem like the perfect place to host an event, but without proper acoustics, every conversation will be interrupted by distracting echoes. Our IR Series panels solve the problem, using molded fiberglass for excellent absorptive performance.

Respond® A

Acoustics may seem like an unnecessary hassle for quiet work environments, but it is in these places where small noises are most disruptive. Our A series panels absorb small sounds to lower distractions and enhance your workday.

Access Ceiling

In large gathering rooms, acoustical treatment is necessary for echo control. Installing Access ceiling panels will better focus your meetings for both the presenter speaking on stage and the attendees listening in the crowd.

Metro Rebound

During passing period, hundreds of students line the hallways as they prepare for their next class. As they do so, they can hold conversations with their friends because of the absorptive work of our Metro Rebound panels.

New Dimensions

For rooms and hallways with consistent noise levels, our New Dimensions panels provide an added layer of molded fiberglass. This strengthens the panel and keeps your attention focused where you want it.

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