Omni Plane Diffuser

Omni Plane Diffuser panels are used for walls and ceilings combining absorption and diffusion into one sound panel. Used in any critical listening environment, the product is often combined with Respond® acoustic panels which are similar in appearance.

Use for:      • Auditoriums     • Offices     • Schools

Core construction

The patented internal structure uses two layers of 6-7 PCF fiberglass board separated by a proprietary vinyl layer to form a low-profile, composite absorber, diffuser product. The panel is covered with custom fabric that is completely adhered to the face of the panel and returned to the back for a full finished edge. All corners are fully tailored. Edges are protected with resin hardening.

Application details


Resin-hardened edge

Perforated fiberglass cores


PSK backer

Fabric finish





Fabric finishes

We partner with the top fabric suppliers in the industry so that we can give you the best options for finishing your designs. 

View a selection of fabric swatches and additional information here or download the brochures below.


Conwed is committed to driving sustainability wherever possible. By streamlining our processes and using recycled materials in our products, we strive to decrease our environmental impact. Our materials are certified by leading social responsibility groups and are helping us pave the way toward a more sustainable future.

For your LEED® projects, our products can help you qualify for different points depending on the product you choose. Contact us to learn more detailed information.