Metro Rebound

Metro Rebound panels are designed for use in high-abuse areas requiring sound absorption and clean-ability. A “pan” of perforated copolymer over fiberglass allows sound absorption while withstanding many forms of punishment. Use in gymnasiums, hotels, multi-purpose rooms: anywhere requiring a durable, acoustically absorbent panel.

Use for:      • Gymnasiums      • Hotels      • Multi-purpose rooms

Core construction

Dimensionally-stable 6-7 PCF fiberglass board, with a 1⁄16″ face sheet of resilient perforated copolymer with heat-formed edges. A layer of ⅛” 16-20 PCF molded fiberglass is optional under the copolymer face sheet. Edges are protected with resin hardening.

Application details


Fiberglass core

Copolymer finish





Copolymer finish

Offering high impact resistance and cleanabilty, copolymer takes home the award for most durable. By perforating our copolymer, we apply those traits to our acoustic panels while maintaining the acoustic value of the core. And all with a custom color applied to meet your design needs.

View our available copolymer swatches here or download the brochure below.


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