Diffusers: Barrel & Pyramidal

Barrel & Pyramidal Diffusers are designed to scatter and blend sounds, rather than absorb, to improve the sound experience of spaces. Pyramidals affect all frequencies they come in contact with, while Barrels only scatter low and high frequencies.

Use for:      • Music environments

Core construction

Constructed of ⅛” thermoformed, fire-resistant plastic and molded to a one-piece barrel or a special offset pyramidal shape. The interior can be lined with a 1 ½” thick layer of fiberglass batt to enhance sound absorption.

Application details




Fabric, Paint or Unfinished

Your diffusers can be finished with a white, lemon-peel texture, a white haircell texture, a selection of fabrics, or paint. 

View a selection of fabric swatches and additional information here or download the brochures below.

View a selection of paint swatches and additional information here or download the brochure below.


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