Acoustical Ceiling Products

Ceiling clouds provide a great harmony of acoustics, aesthetics, and design flexibility. Absorptive, translucent, and reflective acoustic clouds help define and tune your space. We offer a broad array of easy-to-install solutions as well as engineered options to fit your space and performance needs. With Conwed Designscape, you never sacrifice amazing aesthetics to achieve phenomenal acoustics.

Skyway Ceiling Type I

Skyway™ Ceiling Clouds Type I are designed for a large variety of applications ranging from single or double panel accents up to large multi-panel ceiling areas. Use in areas requiring excellent acoustical

Respond Curved Reflective Ceiling Clouds

Respond® Curved Reflective Ceiling Clouds are ideal for commercial applications that call for strong design elements and acoustical reflection.

Respond Reflector Ceiling Clouds, Flat

Respond® Reflector Ceiling Clouds are designed for theaters and auditoriums requiring tunable reflection to help optimize sound quality in a performance environment.

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