Acoustics 101

Side Effects of Open Architecture Acoustics Modern architecture is sleek, bright, and often spacious. Functional spaces with carpeting and drop ceilings have gone by the wayside in favor of hardwood floors and exposed ceilings. Massive windows spill light into gathering spaces, and walls stretch higher than houses.

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Revamping a large 2-story space

WGU is an online university based in Salt Lake City, Utah who serves over 130,000 students with a faculty of 4,400. Most of their faculty work remotely, much like their students, but some of their staff work on campus. Recently they gutted

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Our Company

Conwed celebrates 100 years!

This year marks 100-years since Conwed has been around, evolving into what it is today, a manufacturer of world-class architectural acoustic solutions. In honor of the 100-year mark, Conwed is taking a look back to where it all began and how we

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