New from Conwed, arborcoustic® wood fiber acoustic panels and tiles

We’re excited to announce Arborcoustic® by Conwed, a new and innovative wood fiber acoustic solution. Each panel and tile is sound-absorptive, moisture-resistant, and fire-resistant. With Arborcoustic®, you can design wood fiber acoustics into high humidity indoor environments. It’s also the only wood fiber solution that can be used in exterior applications.

Arborcoustic® is easy to install, comes in many custom colors, and is price competitive. Connect with us today to order a sample or speak with your local representative.

Moisture regulating

Arborcoustic® panels and tiles can be exposed to conditions with high humidity (indoor or outdoor) without compromising acoustic performance or breaking down. The high pH value gives it these capabilities and allows it to work without problems like mold or decomposition.

Sound absorbent

Arborcoustic® reduces the reflection of sound and provides absorption capabilities to rooms and areas that have high traffic and noise levels. These noise levels are dampened by the material’s porous structure, and Arborcoustic® contributes to restful acoustics in residential buildings, industrial premises, and public spaces.

Fire resistant

Each acoustic panel and tile is put through an ASTM E84 test to assess how it reacts to fire. Arborcoustic® was exposed to flames for 10 minutes at distances ranging from 0 to 24 feet. After testing, Arborcoustic® showed results that met ASTM E84 standards, with zero signs of smoke development or flame spread.

Heat accumulating

Arborcoustic® panels and tiles also store heat from the surrounding area and emit heat when the surrounding air temperature falls. This lowers energy costs and reduces environmental impact, all while creating a more stable and comfortable indoor climate.

Low emissions

Measurements show that dust and particle emissions from Arborcoustic® are extremely low. This low-emission standard allows it to be used in sensitive environments, like hospitals, where patients need the best possible air quality.

Recycled content

Arborcoustic® is also designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. Panels and tiles use FSC® certified wood and can be disassembled and re-used in other areas or for other purposes. Alternatively, the wood fiber boards in Arborcoustic® can be ground down and recycled (e.g. as ballast and filling material, moisture absorbent sprinkling, or substrate for running tracks) while also adding calcium supplementation to the soil.

Different colors and applications

Arborcoustic® is manufactured in three standard colors: white, natural, and gray. If these don’t fit your aesthetic, our panels and tiles can also be painted using Sherwin-Williams® colors to match any design scheme.





Size and edge detail

Arborcoustic® comes in a variety of sizes. Our direct-attach panels come in two sizes: 24” x 48” or 24” x 96” giving plenty of options for any application. Our ceiling tiles come in two different sizes: 23¾” x 23¾” or 23¾“ x 47¾“. These sizes fit within most standard ceiling grids and can be easily installed. Arborcoustic® panels and tiles come in one thickness: 1”. The panels and tiles also come in three different edge details to accommodate different styling options. These styles include Square, ½ Bevel, and Tegular.

24″ x 96″ | 24″ x 48″

23¾“ x 47¾“ | 23¾” x 23¾”


1/2 Bevel


Acoustical performance standards

Direct Attach Frequency/Absorption: NRC .40
Ceiling Tiles Frequency/Absorption: NRC .45

General information

INSTALLATION: Arborcoustic® direct-attach panels mount directly to the wall or ceiling with screws. Ceiling tiles lay into most standard ceiling grid structures.

MAINTENANCE: If dust accumulation has resulted from a high dust generating activity carried out in a facility with Arborcoustic®, the panels or tiles may be vacuumed without being destroyed. Use a brush attachment and with light pressure on the surface. Dirt attached to the surface may be removed with a brush or a wet rag. Mild cleaning liquids may be used. In cases of heavy soiling, light cleaning with hot steam is proposed.

WARRANTY: Your total satisfaction is assured. In fact, certified Arborcoustic® products have a 30-year limited systems warranty when installed together and used under normal conditions.

About Conwed

Conwed is the world’s leading provider of acoustic surfaces. Our mission is to enhance human interaction through tailored architectural acoustic solutions.

Whether you need an acoustic design that blends into your existing space or one that adds visual flair to a planned area, we have the expertise and manufacturing skills to make your vision a reality. Conwed helps you complete your project on time and on budget, so your venue is up and running.