Offering high impact resistance and cleanability, copolymer takes home the award for most durable. By perforating our copolymer, we apply those traits to our acoustic panels while maintaining the acoustic value of the core – all with a custom color applied, meeting your design needs.

Copolymer Finish Products

Metro Rebound

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KYDEX® Thermoplastics is the proven choice of industry leading designers and engineers. With their entire product line, customers have the ability to create and match colors across a wide range of demanding specifications for fire, smoke and toxicity.


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Copolymer Swatches

With so many colors options available for your design, it can be tricky narrowing down exactly what you want. Below are the most popular colors being used to help get you started, with our stock colors highlighted.

Color Matching

We offer color matching so that your design can be exactly what you envision. Our team will work with you to get any custom color applied to our copolymer finish, even if it’s outside of our swatches available.

Custom copolymer colors
    • Eight (8) week minimum lead time for custom colors (larger order size will extend manufacturing time).


    • Minimum order size: 1,400 sq. ft.


  • Seventy three (73) colors available (including the five stock colors above that will be considered custom if they do not meet the stock color order criteria).
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