Conwed’s Director of Marketing joins CISCA’s Emerging Leaders program

Conwed’s Director of Marketing, Steven Gavel, has joined CISCA’s Emerging Leaders program. As a member of this program, he will be going through a curriculum that will provide him additional acoustic industry skills and experience. It will also help build Conwed’s relationships with companies throughout the acoustics industry.

The CISCA Emerging Leaders program is a four-year cycle focused on the four key partners in the CISCA association. These partners include manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and independent representatives. At the end of this cycle, Gavel will have a sound knowledge of the industry. This will enhance his impact within Conwed’s operations.

“I am grateful for the opportunity Conwed has given me to be involved in this industry,” Gavel explained. “CISCA’s Emerging Leaders program’s curriculum will help guide our marketing and customer experience efforts, and the connections made will make us more successful as we strive towards our high goals. I am looking forward to taking advantage of this opportunity over the next few years.”

For more information on CISCA’s Emerging Leaders program, watch the video below or click here.